Glazing Mediums

  • AquaGlaze®

    AquaGlaze® is a slow drying glazing medium used with higher quality 100% acrylic latex paint. Simply add 5% to 20% paint into AquaGlaze. Just visit your favorite paint store paint and use their better grade paint color charts when picking a color for glazing. Purchase the paint color desired and simply adds that paint color into the AquaGlaze® and you are ready to start your color glazing over a properly sealed surface.

    Like other Faux Effects® glazes, an AquaGlaze® mixture works best over a SetCoat® base. This sealed in surface provides maximum workability and slower drying time of the color glazing mixture. AquaGlaze® color glazes are easily worked and manipulated to produce a variety of attractive decorative finishes including marble, wood graining, rag-rolling, sponging, bagging, pouncing and stippling.

  • AquaCreme™

    AquaCreme™ is a full bodied, color glazing material with a long open time for easy workability. Simply add the desired amount of FauxCreme Color™ for color glazing. This glazing material is slow drying for easy workability and dries to a durable hard finish. Multi layers of color glazing can be added with no need to clear coat between color glazed layers.

    AquaCreme™ dries to a hard, durable finish and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. With any Faux Effects® glazing mediums, it is always best to work over a SetCoat® base before color glazing.

  • ShimmerCoat™ Glaze

    ShimmerCoat™ is a water-based, low VOC, clear glaze-like coating that contains exceptional highly reflective particles. This dynamic coating produces a modern, shimmering sparkle and decorative effect when applied to a wide range of projects, including wall and ceiling surfaces, stone and brick work, stenciling and crafting, and much, much more!

    ShimmerCoat™ maybe be tinted, brushed, pounced, rolled, or sprayed to add that extra "shimmer" to any project. Let your imagination explore ... From Large to Small ... ShimmerCoat™ Covers Them All !

  • AquaExtender™

    AquaExtender™ is a clear additive to increase "open time" of AquaCreme™ and AquaGlaze® . Especially helpful in very dry environments or when time-consuming manipulation of layers is involved.

    Average addition for slow drying 4 - 8oz per gallon
  • SoSlow™ Super Extender

    SoSlow™ is a super extender additive that greatly slows the drying time of water-based glazing products. It allows finishers and decorative artists to maximize control of open time to create a broad range of effects over a desired period of time. The composition of SoSlow™ helps separate the color distribution resulting in a very smooth, slow drying color coat, especially useful for cabinet and furniture refinishing.

    SoSlow™ is also very effective thinner and a retardant for color concentration products including Stain & Seal™. Up to 50% by volume can be added to Stain & Seal™ to make a liquid stain that is easy to manage on large surfaces. SoSlow™ can be added to metallic paints up to 10% by volume for ease of application on large surfaces in hot or warm conditions.