How to product videos

Follow along as we guide you step-by-step how to create these exciting finishes with superior Faux Effects products. Our seasoned "Pro's" will have you finishing your homes and projects with flair in no time!


LusterStone How To Video

LusterStone® - a low luster metallic plaster

Clear Coats

Setcoat® Metallic how to Video

SetCoat® Metallics - a durable reflective metallic paint


Sandstone™ Basic application

Sandstone™ - a decorative sand-like textured plaster


Sandstone™ Overglaze Technique

Sandstone™ - a decorative sand-like textured plaster


Stain & Seal how to Video

Stain & Seal™ - a water-based, gel-like concentrated stain


Sparkle Coat™ how to Video

Sparkle Coat™ is a shimmering clear glaze containing highly reflective particles


AquaStone® Basic Application

AquaStone® is a textured material to create stone-like finishes


AquaStone® French Column Technique

Create a pitted French Limestone column using Faux Effects® Aquastone®


Bronze Verdigris Planter How To

Verdigris™ paint kits produce a durable, natural looking, oxidized metal finish.

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