• Setcoat™ Designer Colors

    This superior bonding paint is an easy to apply wall paint and basecoat for all decorative finishing work including color glazing. It is an excellent furniture and refinishing paint as well, no paint stripping required, and can be used on metal furniture and laminates. It has superb bonding and sealing qualities and can be used for both interior and exterior applications. Unlike common latex paints, the high grade proprietary resins used in this material allows it to bond to most surfaces and can be hand rubbed to a satin patina, or even be wet sanded to a feather edge. It is low in VOC content and friendly to the environment. Soap and water clean up.

    Clean off dust and clean the old surface before applying SetCoat® (For cabinets, furniture, and Formica finishes, sand the old surface with 220 grit sandpaper then roll, brush or spray on SetCoat®). When dry to the touch, second or multiple coats can be applied. If spraying, SetCoat® can be thinned with water if needed, but it is not necessary with most professional spray painting equipment. For roll-on applications, use high quality sponge or short nap rollers. Finish roll in one direction, especially with metallic paint versions. For brush applications, use a fine quality brush made for water-based paints. Finish brush in one direction with light brush pressure. SetCoat® is available in a wide selection of paint colors, metallics, as well as a bonding paint tinting base.

    Covers Approximately 200 - 400 sq ft per gallon

    Download The SDS Sheet
  • Adobe Mineral Paint

    All natural Adobe Mineral Paint is a soft, matte, light absorbing wall finish. Composed of natural materials, Adobe Mineral Paint produces a unique subtle finish over any existing paint color or decorative finish. This one step, easy to use product is low in VOCs, and virtually odorless, making Adobe Mineral Paint the healthy choice for your home. Adobe Mineral Paint can be tinted to designer colors to match any decor. It can be brushed or rolled on for desired effect.

    • Covers up to 250 sq ft per gallon, non-hazardous, non-flammable, environmentally friendly.
    • VOC Compliant

  • Lime Paint & Wash

    Lime Paint & Wash™ is a true natural lime paint material. It can be applied over most slightly pourous painted surfaces, stucco and stained and raw wood. Lime Paint & Wash™ provides a natural lime finish to walls, stucco and furniture.

    It can be tinted with all exterior-rated Faux Effects’ FauxCreme Color™. The lime-based material continues to leach out after material has dried, bringing out the natural oxidized color appearance.

    • Apply by brush, roll or spray.
    • Covers Approximately 100 - 300 sq ft per gallon
  • Olde Worlde Quartz Priming Coat™

    Olde World Quartz Priming Coat™ is an excellent product for painting all types of interior/exterior surfaces such as rendered mortars, concrete, gypsum plasters, etc. The material forms a thin coating with an attractive matte finish. Perfect for repainting existing textured substrates, Olde World Quartz Priming Coat™ can also be used as a colored base coat under a variety of textured finishes, in order to prime the substrate, simplify application and promote good adhesion.

    Coverage: 250-300 sq.ft. per gallon