• NuVilla™

    NüVilla™ is an extremely versatile creamy, light and smooth decorative finishing plaster that dries to an almost flat appearance; a very low sheen without much movement. This new, low VOC plaster product is elegant and traditional in design--perfect for the client who may be apprehensive of decorative finishes and opts for just designer color plaster walls. NüVilla has subtle, light absorbing qualities that add a soft warmness to any room. An impeccable upgrade!

    This soft light creamy plaster material also exhibits superior color blending qualities. Because of its velvety smoothness in nature, application on walls and other substrates is a breeze! NüVilla is excellent for both the decorative finisher and paint contractor. No burnishing is required and it's easy to repair!

  • Venetian Gem®

    Venetian Gem® is an acrylic and marble dust based plaster developed to produce high quality multi-sheen and multi-colored decorative finishes. This easy to trowel on material provides durable wear, high hide and chemical resistance and may be burnished to bring out deep color soft sheens. Venetian Gem® may be tinted with FauxCreme Color™. Venetian Gem is good for both interior and exterior applications, but in some extreme weather and sun conditions should be topcoated with UV AquaThane.

    • Available in many old world colors and beautiful jewel tone colors, as well as a color tinting base.
    • Available in gallon sizes.

  • PlasterTex™

    PlasterTex™ is a texture material specially formulated to create a grained plaster finish and can be tinted with FauxCreme Color™. It can be used as a base coat for a Venetian Gem® finish or as a final coat when a rough, distressed look is preferred. PlasterTex™ may be applied over most ordinary dry acrylic latex paints, but it is always suggested to check the bond in a small area before beginning or completing an entire work project with any paint or plaster material.

    • Covers up to 200 sq ft per gallon
  • SofTex™

    SofTex™ is a smooth textured plaster product used to create a variety of soft appearance and the feel of fabric-like finishes. This unique material has excellent bonding characteristics over old paint and will even smooth out nail holes, rough corners, and minor cracking on old walls.

    Covers up to 200 sq. ft. per gallon

  • Venetian Gem® Bellissimo

    Venetian Gem® Bellissimo plaster is a marble plaster tint base formulated to produce high quality plaster finishes. It is a light bodied, creamy plaster material that is easier to apply as a result of the products finer consistency.

    Specially developed for the professional faux and decorative artist, this versatile plaster can be layered with other Faux Effects International products to create rustic old world plaster finishes or when used alone can be burnished to emit the classic, polished Venetian plaster shine with very little effort, using cheesecloth or a plastic/stainless steel trowel. Smooth, uniformly glossy, marble- like surfaces can be created as well as the traditional matte/high shine plaster variation.

    • Covers Approximately 100-200 sq ft per gallon
  • Palette Deco™

    Palette Deco™ is a water-based, durable, paste-like material that can be applied by roller, brush or even by a sprayer with the proper equipment. It also can be applied by trowel, spatula or palette knife. Palette Deco™ is very durable and in most cases does not require a protective topcoat. Create dramatic stripes using Palette Deco™ or use it through a stencil for an embossed look. Palette Deco is also used as a base for future color work.

    • Available in quart, gallon and 5 gallon sizes.
  • StucoLux™ Fine Polishing

    StucoLux™ Fine Polishing is a decorative, easy polishing mineral-based Venetian plaster. A creamy, smooth material, it glides on easily across most substrates. StucoLux™ has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful undulations of color depth in the final finish.

    • Covers up to 200-250 sq. ft. per gallon
  • StucoLux™ Pre-Mixed Colors

    StucoLux™, a light weight, buttery smooth, fast-drying, high sheen, mineral-based Venetian plaster. This material is easy to apply by trowel and glides across virtually any substrate. When burnished it provides a dramatic high gloss effects!

    StucoLux™ has very good interior and exterior durability and provides beautiful undulations of color depth in the final finish. Fast and Easy Venetian Plaster success!